Your Business Has Changed Over The Years, Shouldn’t Your Email System?

There’s a better way to manage your email and it’s in the cloud. Hosted Exchange offers superior economics via cost savings and lower IT management requirements. Plus, you’ll get the latest productivity features such as the ability to easily access, organize, and create communications from anywhere, on virtually any device.

Email migration has never been easier!

We make moving to Hosted Exchange simple and easy. Migrate quickly and easily between Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Novell GroupWise, Google Apps/Gmail, VMware Zimbra, IMAP or POP systems.

Better Email Features and Improved Productivity:

• Get anytime, anywhere access on your PC, laptop, smart phone and tablet

• Synchronize your email, calendars, and contacts across all of your devices

Save Money and Move Off the Hardware Upgrade Cycle:

• No more email server hardware to buy and support

• Lower licensing costs and predictable monthly expenses

Reduce IT Management and Support Needs:

• Outsource your ongoing IT support and email server maintenance

• We’ll manage server updates, patches, and maintenance so you don’t have to

• Utilize your IT staff time and budget where it can be most effective for your company