Needs Analysis –

We provide comprehensive design consultation and documentation providing a solid foundation for decision makers and stakeholders.

Professional Installation –

Our team manages the installation, termination, and overall delivery of all audio/video and data as specified by the client. We will meet or exceed all required safety and security benchmarks as well as all engineering requirements.

Audio/Video Programming –

Specializing in audio/video programming services for the larg-est brands including Crestron, AMX, Extron, Clearone, Biamp, Microsoft, and Adobe. Multiple signage and room scheduling platforms are supported.

Managed Services –

onsite support specialists and asset management software packages to locally or remotely monitor and control all network connect-ed audio/video componentry.



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Collaboration Spaces –

We design, document, install, & program all Audio/Video features in huddle rooms, meeting rooms, conference centers and multipurpose rooms.

Digital Signage Distribution & Management-

Content creation, deployment, and facility-wide hardware management is a specialty we offer. This includes close collaboration with marketing and corporate branding teams to ensure an engaging digital experience.

Distributed Music & Sound –

Large spaces such as restaurants, dining halls, atriums, corridors and walkways where sound and video are integral to the architecture and overall environment.